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Otile Brown’s former manager Noriega cancels wedding, ‘honeymoons’ alone- Exclusive

Joseph Noriega, former manager of Kenyan musician Otile Brown, called off his wedding to his Belgian girlfriend just one month before the scheduled date.

Noriega, who was previously in a relationship with a nurse named Liefje based in Belgium until 2021, had plans to tie the knot in Mombasa.

However, the wedding did not materialize, leaving many surprised by the sudden turn of events.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Noriega opened up about his decision, stating that he harbors no regrets about not marrying his former partner.

“I was actually about to get married to a very beautiful girl from Belgium. She is a nurse by profession. The family wanted us to get married and end up together. I called off the wedding like a month to the wedding. The family had traveled to Kenya to witness the wedding. I think it was just not meant to be,” he said.

Noriega added:

“I think I was ready and I was sure about it but I took a trip to Dar-es-Salaam and then I met someone there, and she made me question everything I knew about love,” Noriega shared.

Despite being in a relationship with his Belgian girlfriend for about eight months to a year, and even being introduced to her family, Noriega explained that meeting his friend in Tanzania led him to reevaluate his feelings.

Reflecting on the situation, Noriega expressed his disappointment in failing to proceed with the wedding, particularly because he values his connections with parents.

He recounted having a heartfelt conversation with his then-future father-in-law, who understood and respected his decision.

“I had a conversation with her dad as I was on a my way to Kenya. I remember I sat at the airport for a long conversation. I explained to him that I needed to have a conversation with him before we get married. He was like, ‘My son, we cannot force it and if you feel otherwise, then it is okay,” he said.

However, following the cancellation of the wedding, Noriega faced further challenges as his attempts to reconcile with his former partner were met with resistance.

“She still came to Kenya, and I tried to look for her and have a conversation, but she blocked me everywhere. We had honeymoon plans to Zanzibar, and I had to go by myself. I made peace with myself. It was 2021,” he said.

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