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Police impostor held for armed robbery

Police in Kamukunji are holding a man suspected to be among two who allegedly robbed a pedestrian while armed with a pistol after stopping him along Tom Mboya Street posing as police officers.

Thomas Obed Okari was arrested after the man they had robbed reported having spotted him near Mwiki PSV stage along Racecourse Road.

The victim had alighted from a matatu at MSL stage and was walking towards Afya Centre to board a bus to Nyamira when he was stopped by two men at around 11am.

They robbed him of Sh4,000 and his mobile phone. They thereafter allegedly transferred Sh75,500 from his Mpesa to an unknown number.

Corporal Joshua Mwao of Kamukunji police station obtained orders to detain Okari for four days to conclude investigations into the matter.

In an affidavit filed at the Kibera law courts, Mwao said he needs time to retrieve and review CCTV coverage of the scene where the complainant alighted from the matatu and the time of the alleged robbery.

The policeman said Safaricom statement has not been obtained to establish to whose account the money was transferred.

The complainant claimed he was looking for a friend to help him travel back to Mwiki when he met Okari and informed police officers.

Okari, through a lawyer, opposed his incarceration during the investigations. He said police are looking for a CCTV footage and M-Pesa statements which he has no control over.

But chief magistrate Abdul Lorot granted the orders.

The magistrate said he considered the weight of the allegations and the fact that there is an alleged firearm being sought.