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Politician David Murathe’s daughter June Tuto unveils new born baby in posh ‘sip and see’ event

Former Jubilee Party’s vice chairman, David Murathe’s daughter June Tuto hid her pregnancy from the public for months and unveiled her new born baby on March 13, 2023, catching her fans off guard.

Her close friends knew she was expectant and they congratulated her on her bundle of joy.

“A dream beyond my dreams 🤍 Baby Kiara 💫,” announced Ms Tuto.

Since the birth of baby Kiara, Ms Tuto twice shared strategically taken photos that hid the baby’s face on social media, crowing it with a posh ‘sip & see’ party where her family and friends finally got to meet the baby three days ago.

“Kiara’s Sip & See 🌸,” captioned Ms Tuto as she shared several photos from the party.

See the photos from the party below:

(4 pics? Check whatsapp)

A scroll through her active Instagram account shows she never shared her pregnancy with the public despite always being on the go.

And so, what is a sip & see party?

According to global diaper brand, Pampers, a sip and see party is a gathering to welcome and celebrate a new baby. These events are often more casual than baby showers whereby people come to celebrate the mother as she approaches the final days before giving birth; and to welcome the baby with gifts.

In a sip and see party, the event is hosted by the newborn’s parents for close family and friends to enjoy some refreshments (sip) and meet the new baby- more of seeing the baby in its mother’s arms or in a bassinet as opposed to carrying it around (see) when it is still fragile.

June Tuto, 28, is a fashion designer who studied in Marbella, Spain, and was validated by Middlesex University of London. She owns a bikini fashion line, saying she fell in love with fashion as a young girl after watching her mother getting dressed up.

In 2022, she revealed she was off the dating market and was in a relationship of her dreams.

“I recently got into a relationship, and it has been a dream beyond my dreams. It was hard to find someone that could relate to a lot of experiences in my life. He is patient, sweet, understanding and certainly fits the bill!” said June according to

The new relationship came after she survived a prior relationship which she said the co-dependency pushed her to leave and focus on herself for a while.

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