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Prof Kindiki’s Swahili excites netizens

Known for his proficiency in legal and security matters, Interior Cabinet Secretary Kithure Kindiki, Swahili, is seemingly not his ‘cup of tea’.

This is following his difficulty in pronouncing a Kiswahili proverb.

In a viral video, the top security boss is heard struggling to articulate ‘Wameona cha mtema kuni’.

This phrase translates to “They have seen what sets firewood ablaze.”

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This phrase is often used figuratively to mean someone has experienced an event that has left them shocked, surprised, or in awe. It implies that the person has witnessed something intense or extraordinary.

Prof Kindiki mentioned that he was talking about Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya in response to, what he described as hesitancy to participate in additional anti-government protests.

The CS found himself in a dilemma when he tried to tell Elgeyo Marakwet residents how the government managed to counterattack opposition demonstrations that lasted three days from July 19 to 21.

He had visited the county to assess the security situation.

“Hizo siku tatu ‘wameona chamka chamta chamta kuni. Hawatajaribu tena,” Prof Kindiki said, as he struggled to pronounce the Swahili proverb.

Hailing the police job, the Interior CS stated they managed to contain the opposition’s protests organized by Azimio to push the government to lower the cost of living.

The procession was called for by Azimio leader, Mr Raila Odinga though the government illegalized the exercise, National Police Service (NPS) vowing to deal with the demonstrators.

Condemning the anti-government riots, CS Kindiki said they led to a huge loss of property and damage to businesses.

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Ironically, Prof Kindiki said during the resumption of the protests, the government had allowed the opposition to demonstrate to weigh if they would conduct a peaceful procession.

“Two weeks ago, we told our officers; Let’s allow them to protest to see if they can do peaceful demos. We waited for about three hours, from 8Am – 11 Am and within that period they did a huge loss. Roads built on tax payers money were damaged, supermarkets invaded, as well as attacking people,” he stated.

“Last week, they did the same. We warned them. When they commenced the three days’ protests, they arrived at 5Am and realized we were there at 1Am waiting for them. They announced that they would resume, it seems they are now cooling their heels on grass,” added the CS, in a remark that sounded like ridiculing the country’s opposition.

Early this week, Azimio leader Mr Raila Odinga in a statement, announced putting on hold today’s Wednesday, July 26 demonstrations and instead directing the supporters to do peaceful protests, which is now done in the form of solidarity parades and vigil for victims of police brutality.

Mr Odinga called on Kenyans to come out in numbers, light candles and lay flowers to remember the casualties.

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