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Radio host Oga Obinna on why men ‘ghost’ women

Radio personality Oga Obinna has shared his thoughts on why some men choose to walk out on a relationship, or a woman they have been casually dating.

While speaking on the morning breakfast show on Kiss FM, the presenter, who doubles up as a comedian said that in as much as he may not agree with the whole idea of ghosting someone, he understands why some men choose to do so over closure. 

The comedian argues that men sometimes just try to avoid the emotional baggage that follows when they decide to break things off with a woman they have been seeing.

“It depends on who you’re dating most of the time. When you date pragmatic individuals, you can tell them straight up it’s not working. But when you date some psychos, kisu inashikangwa. You’ve never dated someone who when you tell them it’s over they want to kill themselves?” said Obinna.

Obinna was in conversation with his co-host, media personality Sheila Kwamboka alias Kwambox, who brought up a story about a woman on TikTok who shared her story about how she was ghosted by a man she dated for 10 months only for him to get up one day and disappear. 

“I’m not saying that ghosting is not wrong, but sometimes for men, it depends on who they are in a relationship with. There are some women when you tell them the relationship is not working will start crying saying that if you leave them they will die. So you just keep quiet and mind your business,” Obinna commented.

Just two weeks ago, Obinna was the talk of the town after he, and comedian Eric Omondi got into a heated argument that saw the two personalities almost exchange blows. 

While on air, Obinna and the comedian were involved in a worded exchange before he questioned Eric’s sexuality as he asked the funnyman to get out of the closet since he loved to cross-dress. 

The self-proclaimed president of comedy stood up and walked towards the radio host and launched attacks but the bouncers were swift to hold him before it got fatal. 

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