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Radio queen Joyce Gituro on work stress and battle with Covid-19

Former Radio host, Joyce Gituro, has opened up about the reasons behind her departure from Media Max, shedding light on her transformative journey.

Media Max is a renowned media company that comprises of among other brands, K24 TV, Milele FM, Kameme FM and the People Daily newspaper.

In an interview with Jeff Kuria, Joyce shared the pivotal moments that led her to take a different path.

Joyce’s career at Radio Citizen spanned from 2004 to 2011 when she co-hosted a show alongside Jerida Andayi.

Her dedication and hard work eventually earned her a promotion in 2011, which came with a unique responsibility – hosting a Sunday show.

However, she soon found herself at a crossroads, torn between her personal beliefs and her professional commitments.

“I did not want to do the show because I was not saved,” Joyce confessed. The thought of waking up to preach was a daunting prospect for her at the time. Yet, with the wisdom of hindsight, she now acknowledges the profound impact it had on her spiritual journey. “Looking at it now, I thank God for it as it made me know God more,” she reflected.

In 2018, an exciting opportunity arose for Joyce at Media Max, where she was offered a role as a brand manager, responsible for overseeing six stations.

The prospect was promising, but the reality of the workplace environment proved to be challenging. After just a year and one month, despite being a single mother, Joyce made the courageous decision to resign.

“I saw an opportunity to grow, I was to run six stations at Media Max. I was to be the brand manager. It was not bad but the environment did not allow me to work. I resigned after a year and one month. I resigned despite being a single mother,” she revealed.

As fate would have it, not long after leaving her job, Joyce found herself battling with Covid-19, a global crisis that tested her resilience. However, she didn’t let adversity deter her from her newfound path. She also took a closer look at her investments and financial planning, which gave her the confidence that she could provide for her children and navigate the first five years post-resignation.

In 2020, while adapting to life beyond the corporate world, Joyce decided to open a communications company, demonstrating her entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability. Though she misses the thrill of being on air, a passion that remains close to her heart, she has no desire to return to full-time radio. Her journey has opened up new opportunities and passions that she is eager to explore.

“I also looked at my investments and figured that I could educate my kids. I could survive the first five years after resigning. In 2020 Covid-19 came. I also opened up a communications company. I miss being on air, It’s my passion. But I would never want to go back to Radio full time.”

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