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Raila Odinga postpones Kisii Rally after warning from Azimio allies

By Nyaboga Kiage February 13th, 2023 2 min read

Azimio la Umoja coalition leader Raila Odinga has postponed an opposition rally scheduled to take place in Kisii County.

Mr Odinga’s decision took place hours after his former allies in Azimio accused him of double speaking and deceiving other communities.

The Kisii leaders warned the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leaders against carrying out demonstrations and anti-government rallies in the region.

“Azimio is not going to hold any rallies within the region for now and we shall issue a different date when Mr Odinga will be in Kisii,” ODM chairman in Kisii County Mr Okerosi Ondieki, said.

Mr Odinga’s spokesperson Mr Dennis Onyango said that the decision to postpone the rally was made even before the Gusii leaders addressed the media and asked members of the community to ignore the opposition.

In a statement, former Kisii Governor James Ongwae and former Woman Representative Janet Ong’era, who served under the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), asked the opposition led by Mr Odinga to reconsider the decision to hold rallies across the country.

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“As the former governor of Kisii County, I join other leaders in welcoming the President to our Gusii region (Kisii and Nyamira) when he deems it necessary to visit, to commence and launch development projects in our region. Like any other leader, who just left office recently, I am keen to hear and gladly support any commitment that will see completion of various projects that need the attention of the President,” the former Governor said in a statement sent to media houses.

He said that he had noticed the Head of State had made several visits across the country and in other regions where he had initiated various development projects.

The ex-Governor, who served two terms following his election in 2013, accused Mr Odinga of being dishonest to his supporters from other regions.

Mr Ongwae said that he had noticed a trend where those causing tension and rallying against President Ruto had encouraged their troops to welcome the Head of State to their regions.

“I therefore urge and plead with our leaders not to accept any shenanigans that are meant to paint our community as rebellious and to disadvantage our Gusii region from receiving the much planned developmental projects,” he said.

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He also said that the community should rally and work behind the Education CS, Prof Ezekiel Machogu who was the link between them and the Head of State.

Former Kisii County woman representative Ms Janet Ong’era said she also supported the president.

She said that the Gusii community would only enjoy the national cake by working with the government of the day.

“I welcome the President to the Gusii region and recommend him for giving the community the position of Education CS. It is important that the people get to know that the community shall not be swayed by the ongoing political rallies by the opposition,” she said.

According to her, Azimio Coalition had all it takes to win the elections, but this did not materialize as President Ruto went ahead and won the election.

“The opposition had everything that it takes to win the elections but this did not happen. It is clear that Azimio has problems within itself,” she said.

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