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Respect the OG: Diamond copies Khaligraph Jones’ coffin concept

By Elizabeth Ngigi September 11th, 2023 2 min read

Diamond Platnumz’s recent dramatic entrance at Wasafi Fest, where he emerges onto the stage in a coffin, has elicited a mixed reaction.

The stage was adorned with skeletons, coffins, and individuals dressed in black and white, all contributing to the eerie atmosphere for the fans.

The singer then made a dramatic entrance, emerging from a coffin when his song ‘Baba Lao’ began playing.

Diamond also emerged from a coffin after his pallbearers carried him on stage in it during the Wasafi Festival. PHOTO| COURTESY

The talented superstar has since taken to social media to express his gratitude to his fans for their support, as he also admitted that he was quite scared during his time inside the coffin.

“Emerging from the coffin last night was an absolutely wild experience, I was scared as heck in there!”

He also extended his appreciation to his creative team, saying,

“I hope I didn’t disappoint, though every time I think about being inside that coffin, the memories are unforgettable… The audience is eager to know what kind of entrance you’ve prepared for me in Songea.”

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Diamond Platnumz is not the first artiste to use a similar concept.

In 2017, Rapper Khaligraph Jones left his fans astonished when he made a striking entrance onto the stage, surrounded by men dressed in black, and being carried in a white coffin.

This shocking spectacle raised eyebrows due to the fears of superstitions and beliefs surrounding such an act.

Khaligraph explained that the coffin-style performance was aligned with his hit song at the time, “Mazishi,” which featured lyrics like “Nikishika mic wanajua ni mazishi, nikipanda stage wanajua ni mazishi. (When I grab the mic, they know it’s a funeral; when I step on stage, they know it’s a funeral).”

Khaligraph emerged from a coffin during the performance of the Gaza Song.

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Diamond on stage during the Wasafi Festival. PHOTO| COURTESY

The rapper revealed that his motivation for such performances was to draw attention to the issue of crime claiming the lives of young people in the city, aiming to represent this grim reality through his art.

Khaligraph also aimed to symbolize his transition from a stagnant or “dead” music career to a vibrant and lively one.

This transformation is evident today, as Khaligraph has risen to become one of the top rappers in Africa, winning numerous awards.

Here is what fans are saying about Diamond’s entrance in a coffin.

moyadavid1: Tz version ya undertaker.

2mbili: Khaligraph inspires Tanzanians.

_amkiki: Alaf Sasa wale wa kuidentify illuminati signs the stage is all yours.

anchor_studios_ke: Village mentality watasema anga oo illuminati anga ooh devil worshiping relax.

mceefrank: Utaona mafala walisema illuminati…badala ya creativity.

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