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Riggy G: Kenyatta University gave President Ruto and I good wives

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has commended the administration of Kenyatta University (KU) for instilling discipline in its students.

Speaking on behalf of President William Ruto during the 52nd graduation ceremony on Friday, the DP said that the university has been producing good leaders.

“Nyinyi watu wa KU mko mbele kama mfuko wa shati, and we want to encourage you that this institution has produced good leaders. We want to ask you to get interested in leadership, in management. Don’t just sit there and wait to be led.”

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DP Gachagua also challenged the new graduates that as they go outside to look for employment, they should not sit and wait for opportunities to come to their doorsteps.

“I want to encourage you, graduates. Don’t just sit there, nobody will give you a position, you must go out and look for it,” DP Gachagua said.

The DP recalled that some years back, when he was a student at the University of Nairobi, just like his boss the President, they shared something in common.

“There was a common agreement amongst all of us. That if you wanted a good wife, you go to KU.”

He recalled that in 1997, he could travel to hang around in KU, just to court the love of his life.

“Nikangangana nikangangana nikaangalia, nikapata kasichana kazuri. Nikakaongelesha vizuri, nikakaimbia poem kidogo akaingia box.”

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He continued: “I’m happy that this university gave me a great wife Pastor Dorcas Rigathi and I’ve not been disappointed for that last 33 years.

Not a single day has she ever run away, and she doesn’t have a single starch. My boss President William Ruto also hanged around here. Akangangana hadi Mama Rachel akaingia box, today she is the First Lady of the Republic of Kenya.

For me and the President, we love this institution because you gave us good things.”

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