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Ringtone changes his name to Ringtone Blingtone after ditching gospel music

Former gospel singer Ringtone has announced his debut with a new stage name to Ringtone Blingtone.

The artiste said that he has already curated a new name for himself that basically represents his new lifestyle.

“I have already changed my name to Ringtone Blingtone because my blings say it all,” said Ringtone.

The controversial artiste has also said he is now reinventing himself and he is looking forward to showcasing his newly acquired taste in secular music.

The singer added that he is will soon release his first track as Ringtone Blingtone in a few days.

“I’ll be releasing my first song as Ringtone Blingtone dubbed as Mpenzi Pamoja.”

Ringtone went on to explain that his reason for going secular is only momentarily since his female fans have been focusing on him more than God.

“I have not backslid, and I have not left God. I love God and I love God’s people. I have noticed many women don’t want to focus on God, they are focusing on me. You find like in my dms women send me nude pictures yet they say I should pray for them,” Ringtone said.

“Women want me more than they want God, and because I love God I said I should just step aside so that they may see God, once they see God they will change and I will be back,” he explained.

The artiste also said that as a new secular artiste he is not looking forward to collaborating with other secular artistes as they will influence him.

“I cannot collabo with secular artistes because they will dilute me, but if gospel artistes ask me for a collabo I would be willing to do one,” he said.

He also stated that he has upgraded his rate card to Sh 500,000 for appearances and Sh 1 million for performances.

“I am an expensive artiste and Kenyans want to see me perform,” he said.