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Ruto to Raila: We don’t need Scotland’s Yard to sniff out killer cops

President William Ruto has told off the opposition leader Mr. Raila Odinga over the attempt to suggest the right procedure to follow in investigating Kenyans’ forceful disappearance and murder.

Speaking at the Supreme Court during the launch of the State of the Judiciary Report, the president used the opportunity to respond to the Azimio leader.

The President said that the government does not need help from foreign nations to discover the killers in police uniforms.

“We do not need the advice from the Scotland’s Yard to be able to remove and disband the murderers unit in our police force. We didn’t need any advice from nowhere, we just needed to respect our constitution,” President Ruto said.

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In a press address on Thursday, Mr. Odinga asked the president to seek the help of elite and unbiased murder investigators from Scotland to investigate the questionable murder of the later IEBC ICT Manager Chris Msando and other cases.

During the address, Mr. Odinga also claimed that the disbandment of DCI’s Special Services Unit, which came after President Ruto took office, and the ongoing arrest of former DCI boss George Kinoti is targeting certain individuals.

According to the President, the SSU squad was behind the enforced disappearance of Kenyans and extra-judicial killings.

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President Ruto said that he is very clear about the happenings and that supporting a professional police force will guarantee the life of every Kenyan.

“Supporting a professional police force will guarantee the lives of every Kenyan and security of our property and we will get rid of the menace of extra-judicial killing. We certainly don’t need the support of institutions build by others. We can build our own institutions.”

“Even those other institutions that we celebrate, be it Scotland Yard or FBI, they were built by countries who respect the rule of law and who believe in institutions. We should believe in ours.”

The President also said that the government is working on building the confidence of the country’s institutions by making them independent and also financing them.

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