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Saitabao Kanchory: Raila would be our president today had he listened

Azimio la Umoja – One Kenya Coalition presidential chief agent in last year’s General Election Saitabao Kanchory has alleged that some powerful people surrounding Mr Raila Odinga are the ones to blame for the election loss.

Mr Kanchory, in an interview on Thursday morning with Spice FM, also claimed his advice to the Azimio leader – would have been useful for the coalition to clinch the presidential race – was ignored.

He said initially when he was picked to join Azimio’s presidential election team, he shared his ideas only for things to change afterwards.

“With time, my voice of reason was overruled by the other better-placed advisers and that is why we are in this mess. If Baba listened to me, he would be in State House right now as we speak, and he knows that,” Mr Kanchory said.

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Mr Kanchory said his access to Mr Odinga was limited by the people around him. The same people, he said, are the ones who were to decide the people who would meet with the Azimio leader.

Mr Kanchory also said he is now writing a book reflecting on the last presidential race.

“The first person who needs to read that book is Baba because I have dedicated eight chapters to him and I think he will cry when he reads that book,” Kanchory said.

He urged Mr Odinga to reflect on what happened and come back to his former ways of doing things and supporting the administration of former Head of State Mr Uhuru Kenyatta.

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Mr Kanchory said the elections are done and dusted and that Mr Odinga has to come clear over his proposed plans to resist President Ruto’s regime.

“I’m saddened to see Baba now reducing himself to a defender of a failed regime and a failed system. You cannot be Uhuru Kenyatta’s defender and be the defender of the people of Kenya,” he said.

His input comes amid an emerging debate regarding Azimio’s fresh claims that Mr Odinga beat President Ruto with over two million votes.

The Azimio leader has vowed to resist the leadership of the current administration, claiming that his win was stolen even after the Supreme Court dismissed his petition.

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