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Sakaja shocks church by awarding Sh50k to man who was jilted by his fiancée – VIDEO

A video showing Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja awarding Sh50,000 to a man who was dumped by his fiancée a few days to their wedding has left the online community speechless.

The man is said to have been jilted by his spouse after she discovered that he was broke. He was however accepted by another woman who he is now planning to marry.

The video, that has been widely shared on social media, captures the moment Senator Sakaja offered the cash to the jilted man infront of a church congregation in Roysambu last Sunday

“Nimesikia story ambayo imenigusa. Kuna yule kijana ambaye alikuwa amekataliwa…. kuja (he says while beckoning the unidentified man)… huyu… huyu ni wetu… huyu in wetu. Kama wamekukata tumekuchukuwa na tumekukubali. Na huyu arusi yake kwanza atabebwa na gari yangi,” Sakaja says.


All this while the tearful man, who is visibly overcome with emotion, is clinging on to the senator in an tight embrace, perhaps to hide his tears from the congregation.

Then Sakaja make an unexpected announcement that takes the entire congregation by surprise.

“Nataka kumpatia fifty thousand imsadie na mpango,” he says as he digs deep into his pockets and fishes out several wads of cash which he hands over to the man.

“Hiyo ni fifty thousand, ikusaidie kwa kupanga hiyo arusi,” he tells the man.

In addition he also pledges to top up the man’s monthly salary of Sh15,000 with an equal amount.

“Najua ulisema (to the pastor) utampatia kazi. Na hiyo kazi mimi nitaongeza, hiyo unamlipa fifteen thousand, nitaongeza fifteen thousand juu yake kila mwezi,” Sakaja continues as the congregation erupts into wild applause.