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Samia Elders endorse Wetangula’s aide Mandu Mandu for parliamentary post

Samia elders have endorsed one Mr Chris Mandu Mandu to contest for the Funyula parliamentary seat in the 2027 polls.

Mr Mandu Mandu, who currently serves as the personal assistant to Speaker Moses Wetang’ula, has long been involved in politics at the grassoots. He is expected to contest on a Ford-Kenya ticket. Mr Wetangula is the party leader.

During the endorsement ceremony which was graced by various religious leaders, mzee Anthony Obada, the national chairman of the Samia elders, also commended Mandu Mandu’s leadership qualities and his potential to revitalize the development agenda of Funyula Constituency.

The elders further expressed their dissatisfaction with the current leadership.

In accordance with Samia tradition, the elders bestowed upon Mandu Mandu the leadership regalia of the Samia clan, symbolizing their trust and approval of his candidacy. Mzee Obada emphasized the community had granted Mandu Mandu their blessings and a clear mandate to seek the constituency’s seat in the 2027 elections.

“We have instructed our son, Mr. Mandu Mandu, on how he should engage and collaborate with others during his campaign for the National Assembly as our next Member of Parliament,” stated Mzee Obada.

The elders who performed traditional rituals and invoked cultural practices to ensure Mandu Mandu’s peaceful campaign and encourage him to be an empathetic listener, fighting for the rights of all constituents, regardless of their social status.

They emphasized that it is ultimately God who chooses leaders and urged Mandu Mandu to work diligently to address the myriad challenges facing the constituency, including insecurity, poverty, lack of infrastructure, school dropouts, and unemployment.

Mandu Mandu, in accepting the endorsement, expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support from his community and vowed not to disappoint them. He pledged to work collaboratively with both his Samia brethren and other communities residing in Funyula, transcending partisan lines to bring meaningful development to the constituency.

“I am deeply humbled by the respect bestowed upon me by my fellow community members today. I promise that I will not let down the people who have longed for a representative who works with the government of the day, rather than being in opposition,” Mandu Mandu affirmed.

Wilberforce Ojiambo is the current Funyula MP.

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