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Sarah Michelloti throws shade at Harmonize as he nurses heartbreak

Italian model Sarah Michelloti appears to be throwing shade at her ex following his current split with lover Fridah Kajala.

Posting on social media Michelloti said that the only true happiness in life is to love and be loved. This according to her fans is a direct jab at Harmonize and Kajala who separated over cheating claims.

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved,” Sarah Michelotti said.

Kajala who was also Harmonize’s manager dumped him earlier this month for allegedly impregnating another younger woman.

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Ex-couple Fridah Kajala and Harmonize
Ex-couple Fridah Kajala and Harmonize squabble over a car gift

Kajala said she failed her family and friends by taking him back but she would never repeat such a mistake.

Kajala has also pulled down all the photos she ever took with her Harmonize including those capturing the engagement ceremony and edited her socials to remove the tags that she is Harmonize’s manager.

In an Instagram post where Kajala dumped the musician publicly, she wrote, “I am a woman and a human being who is created to love and also forgive, but for this, I’m meant to be laughed at, criticised and even be mocked.

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I’m not here to defend myself or point a finger at anyone. It is true I did a mistake and I have accepted that I’m incomplete. Truly, I have erred my family, siblings and friends. #Nimekoma#”

Tanzanian musician Harmonize and his Italian girlfriend Sarah Michelotti. PHOTO | COURTESY

Harmonize and Sarah split in October 2020 just a year after the wedding.

They had been together for four years before marriage. Sarah left after the Uno hitmaker confessed she cheated on her.

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Their divorce process began in December 2020 and is yet to be finalized.

“I’m not divorced yet but I hope I will soon. I don’t have any communications with Harmonize but my lawyers are doing everything because we need to divide all our staff we got as wife and husband.” Sarah stated in March 2021.

On September 27, 2022, she moved to a court in Dar es Salaam, Temeke District to sue to Harmonize for half his wealth.

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