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Shaffie Weru pens heartfelt tribute to adopted son on his 17th birthday

Media personality Shaffie Weru has poured out his heart in a touching tribute to his adopted son as the teenager celebrates his 17th birthday.

In an interview with KTN, Shaffie talked about his children, including his adopted ones.

Taking to his Instagram account, Shaffie shared a heartfelt message for his son, expressing his love and pride on this special occasion.

“To my son, Happy birthday! You are yet another year closer to being older and older. Take a moment out and enjoy, for time is going to pass quickly, and you will be ancient soon. Love you, LilMan, aka Mr.Seventeen,” he wrote.

Shaffie’s journey as a father is marked by love and dedication across his blended family.

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His eldest daughter, Milan, resides in the United States with her mother, renowned singer Debbie Asila, with whom Shaffie shares a co-parenting relationship.


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Since 2015, Debbie and Milan have made their home in California, where Shaffie frequently visits to spend quality time with his daughter.

Following his separation from Debbie, Shaffie embarked on a new chapter, remarrying and expanding his family with Joan Mwihaki who had a son.

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Together, they welcomed a daughter named Nia.

Shaffie’s children include Milan, his firstborn daughter with Debbie Asila, Nia, his daughter with Joan Mwihaki, and Tyron Jabali, whom he lovingly adopted.

In June 2019, Shaffie disclosed that he had expanded his family further through adoption, welcoming another daughter into their loving home.

“I now have four kids. I have two adopted kids and two of my own. I adopted a girl recently, so I have one adopted son and one adopted girl,” Shaffie shared

Shaffie, in a recent interview with KTN’s Art of The Living, expressed his concern over his firstborn, Milan’s proposal, admitting to feeling apprehensive about his daughter’s future.

“My daughter is 18 years old, and on Valentine’s Day, she got proposed to. It’s what it is, but I am afraid,” he confessed.

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“I have broken so many girls’ hearts. She is in University. My kids are where I live. She can vote. She is an adult. I just hope that life will not be unfair to her because I have been through a lot.”

Reflecting on his journey, Shaffie shared insights into his relationships and the challenges he has faced.

“For 15 years, I lived with women. All the prime jobs I was in in my younger days did not allow me to be a committed man that I would have been in the relationships that I had at that time,” he disclosed.

Despite his experiences, Shaffie remains uncertain about committing to a serious relationship.

“If it comes, it comes. It is not wrong to marry many wives, but just give each of them equal responsibility,” he stated.