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How Kate Actress’s new man, Michael Mwangi, escaped death

By Eddy Ashioya February 25th, 2024 2 min read

Michael Mwangi, Tribe Hotel’s General Manager, is stirring attention with his extravagant displays of affection towards Kate Actress in their increasingly public relationship.

Catherine Kamau, popularly known as Kate, hasn’t hesitated to address critics questioning the speed of her new relationship post-separation from Philip Karanja, her former husband.

With his refined appearance, Mwangi’s striking full beard has become fodder for playful banter on social media.

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Fans affectionately jest about Kate being a “ndevu worshipper,” a nod to her boyfriend’s notable facial hair.

Little is known about Mwangi, but in a recent interview with Business Daily, he opened up about facets of his life that very few people knew.

“I am energetic, curious, and humble. Someone who loves to do what is best for the community but also enjoys life,” Mwangi said, describing his life.

Asked about the scar on his face, Mwangi narrated that it is “from a car accident. It came from the epilepsy I had acquired from another car accident back in 1998. But I wasn’t driving in the first car. I have lived with it for a couple of years, and I have a good support system; at times, I forget I even have a scar until someone asks.”

Yet, Mwangi’s life isn’t just a series of unfortunate vehicular events. In a kitchen drama that could rival any culinary reality show, he reminisced about a chaotic Friday night in his days as a high-flying chef in a prestigious hotel.

“There was this busy Friday night when I had the biggest cut on my foot from a knife that fell when I was cooking. And I had to keep going because it was a big night, and I was the lead line cook at the time.”

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Mwangi’s culinary journey isn’t just peppered with kitchen mishaps; it’s seasoned with a deep-rooted passion passed down from his grandfather, a legendary chef in his own right.

“He was the gentleman that raised me when my parents were away in the US. He was an amazing cook. On weekends, I’d accompany him to his lodge, where I’d help make beds and peel potatoes. Then, at 10 years old, I went to the US,” he says.

“After high school, I joined Johnson and Wales University. I thought, ‘I’ll go to a school to cook and eat food samples all day. That sounds amazing!’ And that’s how I got into the industry,” he says.

When asked for advice for budding chefs, Mwangi said, “Being told they are not good enough. There are many different paths one can take as a chef, from sports to health nutrition and personal chefs, among others. The food world has become such a melting pot, and food has become a science.”

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