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Shame as MPs scramble for Sh100 note in Parliament

By SAMWEL OWINO September 10th, 2018 1 min read

Just how tough are the economic times in the country?

Well, parliamentary journalists were on Monday morning left dumbfounded when two MPs scrambled for Sh100.

The saga happened during a committee meeting that was held at Continental House second floor to discuss the rising cases of road accidents in the country.

At some point, a Sh100 note fell on the floor and one MP picked and put it in his pocket.

A fellow lawmaker, who was sitting next to him, also claimed ownership of the money leading to a small tussle between the two.

“Ooh nimeokota mia, this is good,” said the MP.

The other legislator, who laid claim to the note responded: ‘No, this is my money.”

Embarrassed that the cameras were still in the room and they could be recorded, one MP ceded ground and left.

Journalists watched in disbelief as the drama unfolded.