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Sherehe wacha! Ruto urges youthful MPs to quit alcohol

By Wangu Kanuri September 8th, 2022 2 min read

President-Elect William Ruto has urged youthful Members of Parliament to quit taking alcohol arguing it slows down their productivity.

Speaking during a Kenya Kwanza parliamentary meeting ahead of the official opening of the 13th Parliament, Ruto asked the young Parliamentarians to strive to become better and legislate better laws.

“I want to tell the young leaders that have been elected. Part of the job that I have and I have told my deputy Rigathi Gachagua and leaders here; part of the job is to mentor young people.”

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Assuring them that the leaders will help them, Ruto added that he will be summoning some saying he sometimes is unapologetically frank.

“There’s one I can call and tell them you either reduce your drinking or stop.”

Saying that as a father he has asked some severally and they have heeded, Ruto said that that way the youthful parliamentarians become better leaders the country needs.

“We will help you understand your roles and appreciate your responsibilities. We want these Members of Parliament to be better than us.”

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Ruto is a teetotaler and has often advised his circle on the dangers of alcohol whilst them quitting the drink.

The former Kesses MP, Dr Swarrup Mishra, in an interview a while back revealed that Ruto then a deputy president made a personal call to him advising him to quit alcohol.

“Ruto personally advised me against taking alcohol. He told me that for us to be close, I had to give up drinking and since he is my friend who wishes me well, I complied,” he said adding that his drinking had made his family languish in poverty.

In the past, Mishra said, “I would order rounds for patrons at whatever club or joint I got in. I was a darling of many, a serial alcohol spendthrift. People would sing my praises.”

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