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Socialite Zari Hassan addresses demands for money on social media

Socialite and entrepreneur Zari Hassan has taken to social media to address the influx of messages she receives from people demanding financial assistance.

The mother of five, known for her philanthropy, expressed frustration with individuals who approach her in a demanding and aggressive manner.

In a candid message shared on her social media platforms, Zari spoke out against the trend of people seeking financial help without demonstrating humility or considering their own efforts to improve their lives.

“I want to talk about people who are always on the DMs saying, ‘I want you to help me, Oh, I don’t have food. I don’t have rent money and so on.’ First of all, you are helped with food today, what is gonna happen tomorrow? What’s gonna happen next month when you need rent?” questioned Zari.

She highlighted the lack of courtesy in the requests, noting that many individuals demand assistance aggressively, resorting to curses if their demands are not met.

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Zari reminded her followers that God’s blessings are not subject to human consultation and that not receiving help from someone does not invite divine punishment.

Zari pointed out that there is a need for people to take proactive steps to improve their lives in the 21st century.

The socialite shared her work ethic, mentioning that she works tirelessly, even during holidays, to achieve success.

She urged individuals to be resourceful and consider various avenues to make a living, rather than relying solely on the generosity of others.

“People are too posh for some jobs nowadays. Oh, I can’t clean, I can’t wash cars, I can’t serve food in a hotel but you can beg,” remarked Zari.

To emphasise her point, Zari shared a success story of one of her employees who started as a cleaner and worked her way up to becoming an admin in one of her companies.