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Sonko to the rescue of men unable to attend the ‘big conference’

February 14th, 2019 1 min read

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has offered the services of his Sonko Rescue Team Unit to help men evade the pressure of Valentine’s Day by attending the made up ‘men’s conference’.

All through the week, social media has been full of chatter as women dropped hints to loved ones of their preferred perfect Valentine’s Day gift.

Men, on the other side, would have none of it, contemptuously dismissing all the Valentine’s Day hype.

They even went ahead to call for attendance to the said ‘men’s conference’ which was supposed to start on Valentine’s Day eve and end on Saturday.


The ‘men’s conference’, they argued, would allow them to escape the dreaded Valentine’s Day.

Sonko, who has self-appointed himself the secretary general of the association, said that he is willing to offer his Sonko Rescue Team Unit to help men, who are forcefully being detained by women.

Important: It has come to the attention of the Men’s Association that some women have resorted to chain their men in abide to prevent them from attending tomorrow’s compulsory and important conference. The association has with immediate effect sent Sonko Rescue Team. to rescue such men. Stay calm as this is being handled with the urgency it deserves. Signed,
Sec Gen, for Chairman,” wrote Mr Sonko.

This is how netizens responded to Sonko’s notice: