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Stivo Simple Boy explains why he was not able to perform in Mombasa

Singer Stivo Simple Boy has apologised to his fans after failing to perform at the Sofire Fiesta event in Mombasa.

Stivo was scheduled to perform alongside Nigerian singer Ruger, however, this did not happen, and according to his management, it is because the organisers failed to pay him before he got on stage.

“MIB management takes this initiative to publicly apologise to Stivo Simple Boy’s fans who showed up for the event that was dubbed Sofire Fiesta.

Stivo Simple Boy could not perform as earlier agreed because Sofire Ent refused to honor the agreement by paying the artiste before he went on stage.

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For this reason, we did not see the need to have our artiste on stage to fulfil the organiser’s selfish needs. We really apologize and are working day in and day out to ensure that this doesn’t happen again. Thank you for your continuous support,” read the statement from MIB management.

Eric Omondi shed light on the matter in a statement.

“I did my part. I spoke to Ruger’s people and Simple Boy’s people and they were to be paid, and infact everybody was paid, including Ruger, Ndovu Kuu, Kusa and all the DJs. All along, I knew Stivo had been paid only for the managers to tell me hajalipwa (he hasn’t been paid) just as I was calling him to come to the stage.”

Adding that Stivo and his management team raked up expenses worth Sh 84,000, with no money to pay for it.

“Stivo Simple Boy Management must resign immediately or I’ll have them arrested. How do you bring an artist all the way from Nairobi na hata ajalipwa hata shillingi moja, kwani kazi yako kama manager ni nini. Alafu you only inform me of this at the backstage last minute. Alafu mnakula 84,000 worth of food and drinks na Stivo ajalipwa na mnampandisha basi. Alafu why does Stivo have 4 managers?”

Stivo Simple Boy accrues Sh 84,000 in hotel bills

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Stivo Simple Boy accusing local organisers for killing the industry by mistreating artistes.

He thanked his fans and asked to be pardoned for not giving them a performance as promised.

His fans consoled the broken-hearted musician by sharing some advice with him.

“Drop an EP or album then run small shows here and there as MIB can be your own promoter rather than we hearing these heartbreaks every year.

Eric Omondi himself let you down because he hosted the event and he said he will ensure you are paid and also be the showstopper.

This event was hyped and we even saw you and Ruger together. You even said there is possibility of cooking something together.

But the worrying signs started when Ruger landed in Kenya and said he didn’t know you and only recognised Sauti Sol.

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Things then went downhill when rumors of you not getting flight tickets like the rest of the performers. Now this happens.

It is time you cut off from the clout chasers around you and have a serious discussion of how your brand will be respected in 2023.

What we have seen so far is the highest form of disrespect and misuse of an innocent artist loved by Kenyans but is not able to fight for his rights.

MIB is at fault for putting your brand at risk after all the drama from the start. Not even a down payment given as is the norm???Who allows their signed artists to do business like this in 2022/2023?” @richardbrexx asked.

“I saw this coming. Shida ni we don’t want to accept how the music business is. Learn and start being serious. Not even Eric did what he promised,” @djkboz said.

“Personally I’m so broken…I’ve been looking for your clips when you were performing only to land on this heartbreaking message…may God continue expanding your territories,” @nagolopriscilla wrote.

“They should honor the agreement. Hakuna cha bure,” @jacquee_n said.

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