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Super Metro offers Nairobians free ride on comedian Njugush’s new matatu

Renowned matatu company Sacco Super Metro is offering free rides to its customers on Monday, April 15 for its new bus.

In an announcement to its customers, Sacco said the bus, named Tugi, which plies the Nairobi-Kitengela route, will offer free rides on its first day of operation.

The bus is owned by popular content creators Timothy Kimani aka Njugush and his wife Celestine Ndinda.

It is named after their firstborn son, Tugi.

Njugush (left) next to his new matatu that is registered with the Super Metro Sacco. PHOTO | COURTESY

“TODAY’S FREE RIDE ALERT: What God has for you is for you. Trust His timing. Trust His plan. Have a blessed week and thank you for your continued support. Stay safe,” the sacco wrote.

This comes a day after Njugush provided a free ride on the matatu’s first trip into Nairobi’s CBD.

Super Metro is one of the most popular saccos in the greater Nairobi area, with loyal customers often queuing for hours in anticipation of the minibuses.

Travellers save between Sh80 and Sh120, depending on the time they board.

Njugush and his wife, Celestine Ndinda, recently unveiled the 36-seater matatu, showing off its opulent interior as they drove it for the first time.

Comedian Njugush with his Toyota Prado TX that is on sale. PHOTO| COURTESY

Speaking at the unveiling, Njugush expressed his excitement about venturing into new business opportunities.

“I want to explore different avenues, including agriculture. It’s about seizing opportunities that others have laid the groundwork for. This venture is a trial and I’m confident it will be successful. It’s the way forward. We should use our successes to invest wisely as artists,” said Njugush.

The comedian thanked his close friends including Butita, Abel Mutua, Judy Mutua and Philip Karanja for supporting his dreams.

“These are the people whose pictures adorn the inside of our matatu. It’s the grace of God. Hard work plays a part, but ultimately it’s God’s hand that guides us. Kenyans, please support our project. I can’t fully express how I feel, but I hope for the best,” said Njugush.

Njugush bought the matatu after selling his Toyota Prado TX.

He decided to sell the car after his close friend, Abel Mutua, jokingly referred to it as a “wardrobe”.

The joke, which went viral, has apparently prompted Njugush to put his Toyota Prado TX up for sale.

He has also emblazoned his new matatu with the humorous name ‘Kabat’ (wardrobe).