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Teacher Wanjiku’s secret to her ageless charm: Eating everything, jogging

By Rajab Zawadi September 7th, 2023 2 min read

Teacher Wanjiku, the beloved veteran comedian known for her rib-cracking humor, has spilled the beans on her secret to eternal youthfulness, and it’s simpler than you might think: just jog in the morning.

Popular comedian Teacher Wanjiku. PHOTO| COURTESY

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In an exclusive interview after her London performance alongside other Kenyan comedy giants, she shared her fitness philosophy and career insights.

“There is nothing special that I do. I just have one remedy, especially for ladies, just jog in the morning, that’s all I do. I honestly don’t watch my weight like I hear most ladies say, and I eat everything, but I jog a lot,” Wanjiku said.

The mother of two girls, aged 20 and seven, insisted that one doesn’t need to get overly technical about fitness.

“You just have to pick a form of fitness and be consistent with it. It’s good for your soul, for your mind, especially for us creatives. It’s very refreshing. I repeat again, ladies, just jog, that’s the only hack I know, it’s that simple.”

Teacher Wanjiku’s London performance at the Royal Regency on September 2, featuring fellow Kenyan comedians MCA Tricky, Profesa Hamo, and Jemutai, generated buzz in the comedy world.

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Popular comedian Teacher Wanjiku. PHOTO| COURTESY

This event marked her return to the stage after a brief hiatus from the Kenyan comedy scene, which she attributes to a deliberate strategy for career longevity.

“For me, it has been consistency, which pays a lot in ensuring you remain at the top. Another thing is scarcity. I’m a little bit scarce; you don’t get to see or hear from me all the time. In other words, I don’t like being predictable. These strategies have really worked in my favor,” she added.

With over a decade in the entertainment industry, Teacher Wanjiku’s career has experienced its fair share of ups and downs.

In a candid moment, she opened up about a challenging period when her TV show was canceled after airing for an episode.

At the height of her career, she had left Churchill Show to host her own show at Citizen TV, which, unfortunately, didn’t live up to expectations.

The flop of her show resulted in an intense social media backlash, leaving her frustrated and taking her a year to recover from the massive rejection.

However, true to her resilient spirit, she made a triumphant comeback, proving that setbacks can’t keep a good comedian down.

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