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TikToker Chebet Rono equates mubaba dating experience to filling out government forms

TikTok sensation Chebet Rono, a comedic monologue content creator, narrated her experience with dating a mubaba- an older, moneyed man, often times, married- and why she would never repeat it again. In her Wednesday, April 5, 2023, TikTok video, she likened the man she dated to a walking corpse because he was very old.

“You guys consistently sleep on the girls having sugar daddies and it’s not easy. Let me tell you why. It’s not easy! It’s not easy to give sugar to a corpse. Now let me tell you, I tried this and could not kiss him guys. I tried! I did everything. And the fact that people stared at me while dining with an old man. I could not recover. Everybody just looked at me dead in the eye like ‘this is where you’re at, really? This is who you are?’ And at that time I was just like ‘oh my God’ And I’m seated there trying to have my pasta pesto, Alfredo pesta- the green stuff in the pasta! And the whole time, this man is asking me philosophical questions from like BC (before Christ). It was like a whole job interview. I felt like I was filling out governmental forms. And the waitress was just looking at me like ‘Ooooh, your finances must be in the gutter’. I said don’t’ judge, you’re a waitress, cleared.

Anyway, the time to give the sugar arrived and all I saw was (mimics a lot of old lips) and I was like no, no, no. Back up. You guys, this was me (imitates leaning back to avoid something). I’m never doing this again. It needs a different confidence and delusion and I’m not there right now, I can’t,” said Ronoh.

Today, it has become trendy to date older men and women for money. This has become one of the popular ways for wayward young Kenyans to lead soft lives with all the accompanying luxuries-  by simply offer sugar to the moneyed person in return.

These older moneyed people, often married are known as sponsors, blessers, mubaba or mumama and sometimes, Aunty wa Harrier.

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