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TikToker Maina Mal defends influencing over Industrial Chemistry degree

Wangari Maina, popularly known as Maina Mal to her 269k TikTok followers, is your daily dose of goofy, amusing, funny dancer and hilarious comedy content creator whenever you need a good, hearty laugh. The 23-year-old, in her introduction, said she considered herself to be an influencer, and was proud that she is one.

“I can’t say I am a student because I am done with the course work and I am about to graduate. I’m a student at the Technical University of Kenya, pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Chemistry. Above all, I am a sister, a daughter, almost said a mother because I have cats, a cousin, an aunty and above all that, I am a content creator and social media influencer. I know when I say influencer many people will check out but guys, I am influencer and I am proud of that. I am also a marketer who markets products online- mine or other sellers,” Maina Mal introduced herself to Nairobi News.

She revealed that her social media content creation also earned her good money.

She also explained how she made the jump into content creation in spite studying a technical course such as Industrial Chemistry. She blasted the sentiments that a degree of her kind required full brain engagement unlike the stereotype that content creation was all fun and games.

“That is where people get it wrong. For content creation you have to think extensively because I do everything- from transitions to makeup. You have to plan how your video will start, especially if you are doing original content. If you are doing transitions, you have to k now what you will be doing at each point. Of course the thinking is not as extensive as the degree’s requirement but it can be extensive for people who are not creative enough. They would have to use their brains.

But then, let me say this. I did not do Industrial Chemistry because that is what I wanted to do. If I had an option to go back to school, I would do music because I am a musician. I did Industrial Chemistry for the knowledge because I have set my eyes on what to do for my Masters and it has directed me to that path,” added Maina Mal.

She also vehemently shut down the thoughts of getting a 9-5 job because most of the fields available to her required her to be in a laboratory. Despite dreaming of being a medical professional while in secondary school, this was no longer the life she envisioned for herself.

“I like being free. I don’t want to be in an environment whereby I am at risk of dropping dangerous chemicals. I just want to be in an environment where it is just free,” continued Maina Mal.

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