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Times Justina Wamae has thrown shade at Wajackoyah

Roots Party leader Professor George Wajackoyah was in the headlines again on Monday during the Supreme Court’s final verdict on the petition challenging the Presidential election results.

Immediately after Chief Justice Martha Koome had finished delivering the judgement, lawyers representing both the petitioners and the respondents were on their way out of the building, only to be welcomed by the media waiting to hear their take on the judgement.

Prof Wajackoyah was among the first people to step out of the court, gaining the attention of the media and did not hesitate to give his remarks.

He welcomed the court’s verdict and said that he was ready to serve as the opposition member and that he was getting ready to work.

But in the thick of his speech, the media deserted him, leaving him talking to the air as they shifted their microphones to Siaya James Orengo, who was the lead lawyer in the Azimio petition.

That’s the moment when Justina Wamae, who was the running mate of Prof Wajackoyah broke her silence laughing at his predicament.

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Through her social media accounts, Ms Wamae expressed her excitement with laughing Emojis, saying that the media were okay to shift their focus to the people who matter.

She also claimed that Prof Wajackoyah was equally looking for employment if Azimio had managed to win the presidency since he was a project.

“Despite INTIMIDATIONS AND THREATS woiiii Media imeenda kwa IMPORTANT PERSONS. Ati 6m wapi Roots ilipata 61,969? But ni confirmation alikuwa PROJECT…..pia yeye ALIKUWA anatafuta kazi isipokuwa BET IMEUNGUA,” Ms Wamae said.

That was the culmination of their rivalry after Prof Wajackoyah replaced Ms Wamae as the party deputy following their differences that were seen during the campaigns.

Ms Wamae had criticized Prof Wajackoyah for secretly backing the Azimio candidate Raila Odinga, and at the same time refusing to be someone’s project.

As their feud worsened, Ms Wame blocked her former boss in her social media accounts, and some party officials, a move that irritated Prof Wajackoyah.

Prof Wajackoyah named Vinod Ramji as his deputy, dismissing Ms Wamae.

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