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Twitter heaps praise on NTV, Nairobi News for monkeypox photo

Twitter users have heaped praise on NTV and Nairobi News for using the photo of a white man to illustrate the spread of monkeypox.

This practice is in contrast of the European media which has shared consistent photos of black people, in a move that has caused an uproar among blacks and Africans since the disease has so far only been identified in Europe.

One Twitter user congratulated the two media platforms, which are under the Nation Media Group banner, for using what they termed the appropriate imagery.

Another one felt through the correct image representation, information was reached correctly.

Another one thanked the media houses and urged the international media should follow suit.

Another one congratulated the media house for good imagery use.

Another suggested the international media should use their own victims to advertise their own pandemics.

Another one urged other African media houses to follow what the NTV and Nairobi News had done.

Another one clapped for the two media houses saying representation mattered.

Another one suggested that the good photo representation was how it ought to be.

Another one asked the government to be vigilant and prevent the disease from reaching Kenya.

Another user suggested that Africans should avoid Europe and Europeans should be barred from coming to Africa.

Meanwhile Kenya has increased surveillance at its border points in a bid to keep the disease at bay.