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Uasin Gishu Governor Jonathan Bii defends Ruto’s foreign trips

Uasin Gishu governor Jonathan Bii Chelilim has defended President William Ruto’s foreign trips, terming them as crucial in wooing investors.

Mr Bii said the foreign trips were crucial as they had enabled the Head of State to meet and convince investors of the gains of setting up business in Kenya.

“Our President has not travelled for leisure. He is looking for opportunities for our children who don’t have jobs. The economy is bad around the world and not just Kenya,” said the first-term governor.

The county boss also announced he would embark on the construction of a county industrial park on 135 acres and was optimistic that the trips would attract investors.

“President has not made any mistake by traveling abroad. When he travels to developed countries like Britain and China, he is looking for opportunities for his people,” stressed the county boss.

The Governor also hinted that President Ruto also found the country’s economy struggling when he took over in September 2023.

He said: “When you find the country is a shell, you don’t wait for miracles to happen but he is right to go out to look for investors. As a father of the nation, you have to go out there and find solutions to challenges facing your people . . . He doesn’t have to sit back and find solutions.”

His comments come at a time when President Ruto has made 38 foreign trips since he assumed office.

The county boss made the remarks on October 27, 2023, when he presided over the launch of the 96th Kenya Music and Cultural Festivals in Eldoret town.

Ruto’s most recent trip was in China where he met investors from Huawaei, and separately met China President Xi Jinping to discuss the possibility of extending the Standard Guard Railway from Naivasha town to the Malaba border with Uganda.

Some of the trips attended by President Ruto included the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, in which he later complained of being hauled at the back of a bus ‘like school kids’.

The trips come amid concerns that the government is struggling to service debts totaling Sh 10 trillion.

The foreign travels come at a time when the government has placed an embargo on trips by senior government officials.

In a related development, President Ruto hinted on October 27, 2023, that he will cut down on his foreign travel budget.

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