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Ugandan authorities confirm the arrest of ‘missing’ South Sudanese tycoon

By DAVID KWALIMWA November 26th, 2018 1 min read

Ugandan authorities have now confirmed the arrest of South Sudanese self-styled tycoon Lawrence Malong Junior, who was reported as missing by his immediate family in Kampala last week.

The dreaded Uganda’s International Security Organisaion (ISO) have said they are holding the man as earlier reported by the government-owned newspaper Sunday Vision.

According to ISO Director General Kaka Bagyenda, Malong Junior is reportedly detained over a wide range of ‘criminal activities’ whose details however didn’t give.


“He is a person of interest to us as security and it’s true we have him. He is helping us with investigations and at the right time you will be duly informed of what charges he faces,” said Bagyenda.

Malong Junior was reportedly arrested by men military uniform from Milano hotel in Kabalagala on Wednesday last week at around 10 am.

The Uganda Police had earlier denied that youthful South Sudanese national is a guest of the state.


Independent reports also suggest that Malong Junior is being held in connection to a gold dealing scam in which several foreigners lost billions of shillings.

The youthful South Sudanese national is infamous for a video recording ‘swimming’ in a pile of crisp US Dollar bills and later on flossing about his vast wealth in the Kenyan media

During that TV interview, Malong flaunted his shoes and wrist watch which he claimed are worth millions of shillings. He also claimed that he lives in a presidential suite at a five-star hotel in Nairobi where at a cost of Sh250,000 daily bill.