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Ugandan politician Mukasa Mbidde says Kenyans are ‘fast’ losing confidence in Ruto

A Ugandan lawmaker says Kenyans are fast losing confidence in President William Ruto.

Mukasa Mbidde, a former East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) MP, in an interview with NBS Television, further suggested President Ruto would lose if an election is held today.

“I have a feeling that in addition to his own adamancy, Ruto thinks he is still playing safe to gallery politics. If you held an election today in Kenya, he would lose completely. Ruto is going to suffer more illegitimacy now,” Mbidde said.

President Ruto was on March 20, 2023, confronted by arguably the strongest test of his six-month presidency when Azimio leader Raila Odinga organized countrywide protests.

Mr Odinga said the protests were aimed at among other things, bringing down the cost of living and electoral reforms.

These protests were at their peak in the capital Nairobi and the lakeside city of Kisumu, Mr Odinga’s home turf, where protestors in their thousands engaged police in running battles for the better part of the day.

Police had it rough containing rowdy crowds as four politicians affiliated with Azimio were briefly arrested and then released.

Having narrowly defeated Mr Odinga to win the presidency in the August 2022 polls, President Ruto’s start to life in office has been tough as he has struggled to contain the high cost of living, loss of jobs, inflation, and weakening shilling.

The Head of State called for a cut in government expenditure when he assumed office.

But there has been scrunity after he removed subsidies placed by former president Uhuru Kenyatta on maize flour and fuel, appointed 50 Chief Administrative Secretaries (CAS), and spent billions of shillings to purchase official vehicles, while opening an office for the Spouse of the Prime Cabinet Secretary at the expense of the tax payer.

Mr Odinga has vowed the demonstrations will continue on a weekly basis until Ruto ‘is called to order’

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