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Uhuru orders registrar to issue IDs in three days

By GRACE GITAU January 20th, 2017 2 min read

President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked officials from the National Registration Bureau to process identity cards within three days of application.

“It should not take new applicants weeks to get their IDs. It should be done within three days so that as many Kenyans can register and take part in their constitutional right,” he said.

Speaking during an interview at Sagana State Lodge, the head of state cautioned local administrators against denying the youth identity cards and harassment.

This is after claims that some chiefs were demanding bribes to release identity cards.


“Give us information on chiefs who are denying our youths their IDs and we will take action against them. It is not only wrong but illegal,” he said.

The President pleaded with aspirants in his Jubilee Party to put aside their nomination campaigns and focus on registering voters.

Aspirants in Mt Kenya have been accused of concentrating on winning the Jubilee nominations and giving little attention to the ongoing voter listing.

“If you concentrate on preparing for the primaries and forget to register voters, you will lose both the nomination and election,” he warned.


“It is just as important to register party members as it is to register voters. Please ensure that as you register party members you register as many voters for the general elections.”

He told the aspirants to work as a team insisting that their unity was necessary for his reelection.

The President hit out opposition leaders accusing them of inciting Kenyans to vote along tribal lines.

“Those using the ethnic card with hope of winning the elections are doing so for their selfish reasons. Let us elect leaders based on their agendas, manifesto and what they want to for this nation,” he said.

The President will be in Isiolo and Nyeri on Friday to rally more Kenyans for the mass registration.