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Vera Sidika claps back at Chipukeezy’s criticism of her lifestyle choices

Renowned socialite Vera Sidika has responded defiantly to comedian Chipukeezy’s recent criticism of her lifestyle, particularly focusing on her open display of her body and choice of clothing.

In a recent interview with the Iko Nini podcast, Chipukeezy condemned Vera’s lifestyle choices, labeling them as abnormal for a woman, especially one with children.

Chipukeezy expressed concern over the impact Vera’s actions might have on young girls, emphasizing that she is still perceived as a role model.

He particularly took issue with her decision to walk out of her marriage and urged her to uphold higher standards as a mother.

“The things we do make young Kenyans imitate us. These young ones think that Vera is living a normal lifestyle. Hio si life normal,” Chipukeezy criticized Vera during the podcast.

The comedian emphasized that as a mother, Vera should not be engaging in certain behaviors, especially considering her past marriage.

He highlighted the distinction between casual relationships and marriages, asserting that public figures should be cautious about the influence they exert on the youth.

“People talk about me and my failed relationships; I’m like, these are relationships I can find another one. It is wrong when it is a marriage,” Chipukeezy stated.

He cautioned against normalizing actions that could mislead young Kenyans, advising Vera to be mindful of the impact of her public image.

In response, Vera Sidika took to her social media platforms, expressing her indifference to the criticism.

“Unbothered 😌💅 Y’all clearly can’t keep my name outta ya mouths huh,” she asserted.

Vera encouraged others to focus on their own lives, emphasizing the importance of dressing well, maintaining a pleasant demeanor, avoiding stress, and learning to mind one’s own business.

“Always dress well, smell nice, avoid stress, and learn to mind your own business darling,” she shared.
Vera Sidika, known for her glamorous presence and vibrant nightlife engagements, took a brief hiatus after the birth of her second child.
However, she has wasted no time in making a comeback, gracing club events and hosting gigs and travelling the world.

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