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Video of Alice Wahome moments before she learnt of Cabinet appointment

By Wangu Kanuri October 27th, 2022 2 min read

A video clip showing the precious moments before and after Alice Wahome was named the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Water, Sanitation, and Irrigation emerged online.

In it, Ms. Wahome is seen chilling in a lounge with three ladies’, keenly watching President William Ruto’s appointments.

As though suppressing her emotions and hiding her anxiety, Ms. Wahome could be seen stroking her right hand.

When her name is called out as one of the Cabinet Secretary nominees, the two ladies who had sat on her right rose up, screaming to the television in jubilation.

The celebration overshadows their need to know what ministry she has been appointed to.

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Ms. Wahome, who was dressed in a black skirt and an Ankara jacket, remained calm and was watching the ladies celebrate.

They then returned to their seats and started hugging Ms. Wahome in turns.

Ms. Wahome still maintained her poker face. Perhaps the former Kandara lawmaker was psychologically starting to prepare for her vetting.

She was sworn in today as the CS for Water, Sanitation and Irrigation.

Watch the moment below.

Ms Wahome is one of President Ruto’s staunch supporters and is known to be firm in her decision-making.

Wahome won the seat as Member of Parliament for the Kandara constituency when she was elected in the March 2013 general elections and served till her appointment.

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In the August 9th general elections, Ms Wahome, who was gunning to reclaim the seat for a third time, vying on a UDA ticket, emerged the winner after garnering 39,009 votes. The parliamentarian contested amongst 14 other candidates who were male but trounced them with 54 percent win.

During her vetting, Ms. Wahome shared that she comes from a family of 48 children, with her father being polygamous.

Praising her dad for educating all of his children, Ms. Wahome, who tops up as a lawyer, said, “My father was a polygamous man. We are 48 siblings in my home. Something I don’t wish many men to do especially with the current economic times.”

The parliamentarian’s submissions revealed her current net worth is Sh218 million.

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