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Where is our money? Broke Nairobi MCAs threaten to paralyse sittings

A section of Members County Assembly (MCAs) in Nairobi have threatened to paralyse normal sittings on Tuesday if the office of the Clerk does not release their funds.

Led by Korogocho MCA Absalom Odhiambo, the MCAs claimed that their offices are about to be sealed due to outstanding arrears.

Mr Odhiambo claimed that he was experiencing hard times in his ward as his pockets are empty and the County Clerk has not released some allowances to their accounts.

“Enough is enough. We are angry and we want to tell the County Assembly that we are not children. We were elected to represent people,” Mr Odhiambo said.

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The MCA said they have given the office of the Clerk 24 hours to dispatch their allowances or communicate with them on the way forward.

“We are going without food and our houses are being locked yet we are being called honourable members.

He also said their salaries approved by Salaries and Remuneration Commission (SRC) are not enough to run their wards.

“If the MCA position is difficult to handle, it should be scrapped off. The MCA seat has been despised in Kenya. What is Sh86,000 salary to an MCA?” he posed.

The MCA said his arrears totals to Sh600,000, which he said will be of help to the county if it is released.

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The members have asked the office of the Clerk to be fair in its operation to ensure that services are not paralyzed in wards.

Gatina Ward MCA Kennedy Swaka said since he took over last year, the county has only paid rents for his ward office thrice.

Mr Sakwa said some MCAs are going through hell, and some are being denied to eat at the cafeteria within the Assembly.

“When you attend retreats, you are not being paid. You spend your money in Mombasa, Kisumu only to come back and claim through an impress and wait for long,” Mr Sakwa said.

However, the office of the Clerk stated earlier that they are waiting for the approval from the Controller of Budget, and that things will be fine after the approval.

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