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‘Whips master’ Andrew Kibe brushes off fears as he plans to visit Kenya

Controversial media personality Andrew Kibe is preparing for a Christmas return to Kenya despite warnings from celebrities he has previously critiqued.

In an interview with Wycliffe TV, Kibe addressed the anticipation surrounding his return, boldly stating that he harbors no fear of any celebrity he has ever crossed paths with.

“Kenya is my bi**h, my country, why would I fear anyone?” he confidently asserted.

Known for his unabashed criticism of various celebrities in the country, Kibe defended his approach, emphasizing that his intention is to shed light on what he perceives as negative aspects in the lives of public figures.

“Apart from pointing out the stupid things they share, they can do whatever they do, do whatever you gotta do. Stori mob sitaki kujua. If you have feelings staki kujua, we fanya vile unafa… ka uko na sniper, whatever it is… you do. I have lived long; I am 47 years old, and maybe it’s time for me to go, but Kenya nakuja,” he proclaimed.

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Addressing the criticism directed at celebrities, Kibe clarified that his focus is primarily on men rather than women.

“Fear is for the weak. In all my videos, I was just pointing out the evil that is in our country, especially na ma-dame. My issue has always been when men become weak, women become evil. So it’s time for men to regain their place again,” he said.

Kibe attributed the issues he addresses to the perceived weakness of men, particularly faulting them for being driven by desires.

“And that’s what we are seeing in our country, so the women are not the problem, it’s the weakness of a man,” he explained, offering insight into his perspective.

Among the celebrities frequently targeted by Kibe’s criticism are Singer Bahati, Terence Creative, Krg The Don, Diana Marua, among others.

Responding to Kibe’s impending arrival, KRG The Don issued a lighthearted warning, “Naskia Andrew Kibe aka Kifee is coming home this December!!! Karibu sana Mzae #Bughaaa will offer you the best welcome our country can offer.”


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