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Why you should stop eating fast

By Janet Koech December 6th, 2022 2 min read

This is what fast-eating can do to your health. Monitoring the pace at which you eat your food is important because having good eating habits is essential for a healthy living.

The next time you get into a restaurant, take a close look and observe how people eat, some eat fast while others take their time. Surprisingly, people who take their time while eating are at a better position to pursue good health compared to people who eat fast. If you are a fast eater, your health is at risk.

Here are a number of problems you might suffer from by wolfing down your food:

Obesity – Overweighing can be normal until you come to learn that is caused by eating quickly, this is because chewing less and scarfing down food at a faster pace makes one consume more food and calories. More so, the helpful hormones during digestion that tell you when you are full are usually disrupted.

Choking – More than a few people when eating tend to choke on their food, but this does not happen miraculously, it has a cause and it could be because of inhaling small objects but at this angle eating quickly is one of the reasons why most people choke. Most people define it as inhaling food faulty, this is because one may not take their time chewing the food, therefore efficient chewing and swallowing appropriately is mandatory to avoid such mistakes.

Bloating and gas – You may wonder why your abdomen swells all over sudden, well this is a problem caused by fast eating. When you eat quickly, large particles of food that you consume are not broken down at the required size therefore making digestion difficult resulting to bloating and gas. This is mainly considered as a digestion issue which can be avoided by eating and drinking slowly.

Gastritis – Gastritis is the inflammation of the stomach lining, people who eat quickly tend to overeat, overeating makes food stay in the stomach longer exposing it to gastric acid which causes gastritis incase the process is inflamed.

These are but a few causes of eating quickly, other critical issues include diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Therefore, to stay safe it is important to manage and learn other eating habits that one may be doing wrongly so as to avoid experiencing some long and short term effects that come with eating quickly.

Remember, actions have consequences.

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