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Zari Hassan flaunts new wedding ring

The glamorous South African socialite, Zari Hassan, has dazzled fans and followers by proudly displaying her wedding ring for the first time.

Zari recently tied the knot with her husband, Shakib Lutaya, in a private ceremony that took place on Tuesday, October 3, in South Africa.

Zari Hassan, a mother of five, shared a captivating snapshot of her exquisite silver-plated eternity Diamond ring, a touching symbol of love from her husband.

She affectionately captioned the photo, “With love from my husband,” sending waves of excitement through her fanbase.

In another enchanting photo, Zari captioned it with “Category is skin,” while holding her husband’s hand, further showcasing the affection and connection between the newlyweds.

What sets Zari’s wedding apart is her bold choice of attire.

The socialite radiantly graced the occasion in a resplendent white wedding gown, complete with a gracefully long veil.

Zari’s wedding was graced by the presence of her five children.

Her three elder sons were dressed in immaculate all-white ensembles, aligning with the attire of the other attendees.

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Prince Nillan sported a dashing brown suit harmonising with Shakib’s coat.

Princess Tiffah looked effortlessly chic in a fashionable white gown.

Shakib Lutaya, Zari’s first official husband, has brought joy and happiness to her life.

Although she was engaged to Ivan Sswemwanga and Diamond Platnumz in the past, those relationships never reached the stage of an official marriage.

Shakib, born in Kampala, Uganda, in December 1992, later relocated to South Africa, where he built his career.

His family background and personal history have remained largely undisclosed.

Zari Hassan, a Ugandan by origin, was born in the town of Jinja to her parents Nasur and Halima Hassan.

Her journey has taken her from Uganda to South Africa, where she has become a prominent figure in the social scene.

In April of this year, Zari Hassan and Shakib celebrated their love with an official Islam wedding known as the Nikkah, solidifying their commitment to each other.

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