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Zari Hassan on why broke women should avoid cosmetic surgery

Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan has issued a warning to women who might be contemplating cosmetic surgery without considering the associated costs and lifestyle changes.

Zari Hassan, a mother of five, recently shared her experiences with cosmetic surgery.

She emphasized that the choice to undergo cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, primarily due to the financial implications and post-surgery commitments.

The glamorous celebrity, who has personally undergone stomach surgery, advised women to carefully weigh the costs involved in such endeavors.

According to her, the expenses don’t conclude with the surgeon’s fees, which is why she urged financially unstable women to exercise caution.

“The issue of a woman waking up one day and deciding her belly is big and needs to be removed, women, I tell you, no one should make you feel bad about this..”

Hassan disclosed that after the surgical procedures, a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle becomes paramount.

This involves monitoring one’s diet, engaging in regular exercise, and maintaining a regimen of vitamins and supplements.

She expressed her belief that women should make informed decisions based on their financial capability and willingness to embrace the post-surgery commitments.

“Why should you still have a big belly and you have money for surgery?” Zari Hassan rhetorically asked while speaking to the media.

She stressed that no one should be made to feel bad about opting for cosmetic surgery if they can afford it.

Zari Hassan previously opened up about undergoing two costly body enhancement surgeries: tummy surgery and leg surgery to remove excess fat.

She clarified that these surgeries involved the removal of fat from specific areas of her body, rather than the addition of synthetic materials.

Zari emphasized that undergoing cosmetic surgery is not something to be ashamed of, and it is often misunderstood by the public.

She explained that her choice was aimed at addressing concerns like a post-pregnancy “mummy tummy” that persisted despite her exercise efforts.

In her world, South Africa, cosmetic surgery is considered a lifestyle choice, provided one can financially afford it.

She encouraged women to approach cosmetic surgery with the right mindset, making well-informed decisions and considering the full scope of the procedure, both financially and in terms of post-surgery lifestyle changes.

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