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Zuchu: My love for flashy lifestyle and why I still live in a rented apartment

Wasafi Signee, Zuchu, has shed light on her decision to maintain a flashy lifestyle despite residing in a rented apartment, dispelling assumptions about her financial status.

During a recent live session on Wasafi media, the popular singer shared insights into the reasoning behind her choice and how it aligns with her music career and brand image.

Zuchu said that as a musician, projecting a flashy image is crucial to building her brand and attracting potential collaborations and that living in an impressive home and driving a luxurious car contribute significantly to her appeal in the industry, thus affecting the opportunities that come her way.

The Kwikwi hitmaker said these elements are investments in her music career rather than mere showmanship.

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“There is music career and other careers. If you are a musician you need to live flashy, from the house you stay in and the car you drive. That has contributed so much to building my brand and how much I will make from those who want to work with me,” Zuchu said.

“Buying an expensive car is not a waste, that is an investment on my music career. They (the fans) evaluate what I have and the house I am living. we are not doing it for show off,” she expalined.

Contrary to perceptions, Zuchu also disclosed that she is not prioritizing building her own house at the moment.

Instead, she revealed plans to construct a house for her mother before proceeding with other personal projects.

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“I have bought land, and I will start by building my mama a house, and then the rest will follow,” Zuchu said.

She also explained that looking good and fashionable is part of her identity as an artiste and influences her fan base positively.

Zuchu believes that her fashion choices have contributed to her popularity.

While acknowledging the allure of flashy lifestyles among many artistes, Zuchu said her approach to luxury and style serves a greater purpose in her music career, rather than merely indulging in extravagance for the sake of appearances.

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