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Actor Dan Sonko announces amicable split with actress Bwire Ndubi

Popular actor Dan Sonko took to his Facebook page on Thursday, 6 July to reveal his romantic relationship with actress Winnie Bwire Ndubi has ended.

The announcement caught many of their fans off guard and shed light on their decision to transition into a friendship centred on their business endeavours.

In a heartfelt post, the father of two addressed his followers directly, expressing the need to clarify the situation.

“Ok… I give in to the pressure,” Sonko wrote.

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“Yes, Bwire Ndubi and I are no longer romantically together. We are still very good friends but when it comes to love/family – to each, their own. We still maintain a cordial business relationship.”

The Mombasa-based actor emphasized his deep respect for Bwire, acknowledging her as a “Queen in her own right.”

While he admitted to caring deeply for her, the decision to part ways was reached through mutual agreement.

Sonko also pointed out that since they were not married, the separation should not be misconstrued as a divorce.

“Now that you have the scoop from the ‘horse’s mouth,'” Sonko continued, urging his fans to disregard any alternative narratives circulating.

He called upon his followers to set the record straight and not engage in idle gossip or baseless speculation.

For the time being, Sonko expressed his intention to embrace his newfound single status.

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Although Sonko revealed he was currently a “Lone Ranger” who was “Single and not searching,” he concluded his post with the optimistic message of #LoveConquersAll.

Sonko’s wife Dru died in 2017, days after giving birth to their second child.

Dan has been dating Winfred Bwire, who said that she was friends with Dan’s late wife.

Bwire said she knew Dan even before he married Dru. “I knew Dan through the acting industry and his wife (Dru) was my friend,” she said.

She, however, said she did not have a romantic relationship with Dan when his wife was alive.