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Aisha Jumwa trolled for her choice of dress while receiving Senegal President

Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Public Service, Gender and Affirmative Action, Aisha Jumwa, has been subjected to sharp criticism over her dressing when she received Senegal’s President Macky Sall at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on Saturday.

While other government officials were officially dressed in suits and ties, Ms Jumwa chose an African print dress top paired with what appeared to either be black tights/jeggings or body contouring jeans. She tied up this look with ankle boots.

Ms Jumwa’s dress code opened the flood gates of comments from Kenyans online.

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“Nothing against Aisha Jumwa but how does a government minister wear tights or bloody leggings to welcome a visiting president? Surely, there used to be a department at the Foreign Affairs Ministry called protocol headed for many years by Mutuma Kathurima. Money surely can neither buy class nor, as in this case, basic manners.  She looks frighteningly embarrassing….for the occasion. What anybody wears is their problem but should running a country not demand a level of seriousness?” said George Njoroge, the Managing Director at East African Data Handlers.

“There many of us out here who could be of assistance to the current administration but they are interested in other things,” commented Mwenesi Musalia.

“The only person who should complain about a woman’s dressing is either her boss or her husband. In this case you’re neither,” opined Keerulanah.

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“Well, clearly, whatever benefits Ruto promised all these politicians when onboarding them in order to win the elections, are making it very difficult for him to manage them. So they say & do what they want & listen to no one because they know, Ruto wont do anything about it,” commented Sylvia Waweru.

“KSG (Kenya School of Government) which also teaches these things to public servants reports to PSC (Public Service Commission) where she is the overall boss. Was she ever taken thru these things?” asked Mozack.

“Decorum, etiquette and professionalism ended perhaps with Uhuru’s cabinet. Now it’s a free for all and anything goes. Some of these things go with education level and class,” said Teresah Atieno.

“That represents the decorum and status of Ruto cabinet, what you see is exactly how the cabinet looks and thinks. Mediocre,” added Don Kawinzi.

It is important to remember that while on official duty, government employees are only allowed to wear ‘Made in Kenya’ or African prints on Fridays and public holidays. This was a decision made in October 2019 to curb the increase in second hand clothes importation into the country.

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