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Akothee changes tune, now wants to be an inspiration to children

Akothee is considered aggressive and unfiltered in her utterances. She is also judged because she has several baby daddies. Something she is not apologetic about but uses it to grow her brand.

While some of these accompany her persona as Akothee, many are yet to know who Esther Akoth, the non-musician is.

In her statement on August 8, Akothee, the musician, changed tune and asked society to let her inspire their children because one way or the other, even if the adults in the room banned them from knowing who Akothee was, they would find out for themselves.

“I am one of the celebrities in Africa with a huge following both on social media and on the ground. With this era of the internet, your children will access the brand Akothee in one way or the other,” she said.

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“So before your children download the entertainment and all this nonsense about Akothee on social media as you do, allow them access to Esther Akoth Kokeyo. Give me a chance to walk them through the reality of life’s struggles and challenges.

They will listen to my songs on the radio, see me on your screens and be curious to Google who this Akothee that stops the nation debates using your WiFi is. Some hateful and vengeful words you throw at brand Akothee will descend into your homes.

I have those who love me for how I raise my children. You might think you are hurting me, but you could be hurting your sister, aunties, and mother, who sees something different in me,” she noted.

Defending her life story and how it can be used to inspire, Akothe explained, “Most of your family members see me as a source of inspiration. Even your sister, who dropped out of school because she got pregnant, will appreciate a word or two from Esther.”

“Don’t be blinded by society’s blindness. They see a fighter, a strong woman and a strong mother that has managed to embrace her scars, hug her past, enjoy her present, and look forward to her future. The speech was and still is for the young generation. I am not a role model. I am a source of inspiration,” said Akothee.

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Her statement comes after the ACK Bishop in the area went to Ngiya Girls High School, Siaya County, and bitterly complained to the school’s principal about Akothee’s planned appearance at the school to attend a talent show, give an inspirational talk to the students and help launch the school’s charitable activities with her Akothee Foundation.

In several prior instances, Akothee went on record boldly claiming she would never be any child’s role model after several social media users called into question her lifestyle and how she portrayed herself and her three adult girls in terms of dressing and partying.

Branding herself the President of Single Mothers in Kenya also carries no favors for herself.

“When I was broke, I was nobody’s role model. Now that I am rich and famous, you want to ride on my money and fame and hang your gorilla on my monkey 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂…take responsibility for your own children, take their phone, and unfollow me, I am ratchet, period.

What happened to your church pastors, aunties, sisters and grandmothers? No one is paying me for (role model) position & no one pays me for manners #calpolis…Follow me at your own risk. Absorb what you want, what you don’t want. Stop making yourself a fool out of someone’s life!” Akothee sensationally said back in February 2019 and has often repeated parts of this stance on several occasions.

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