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Akothee vs Jaguar: Celebs should have etiquette

The tug-of-war between Akothee, Jaguar and Harmonize regarding who is wealthier than the rest among them uncalled for.

As artistes, it is unnecessary to measure one’s strength by who is richer than the other, especially when Kenyans are grappling with high cost of living.

A fan, Benjamin Kinyoda points out that celebrities should expend that energy on helping those who are struggling to survive the hard economic times.

“As role models, they should avoid verbally attacking one another in public. Being rich is fine but trying to show their might during these tough economic times is mockery to the larger proportion of Kenyans crying about high food prices.”

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Incase you missed the drama, here are the details.

It all started who former Starehe MP Charles Njagua, aka Jaguar, who is now the Chief Administrative Secretary for Youth Affairs, caused a stir in the music industry by claiming to be wealthier than his fellow artists, including Esther ‘Akothee’ Akoth and Tanzania’s Harmonize.

When a news article placed Akothee and Harmonize above him financially, Jaguar rubbished Akothee’s wealth and claimed she didn’t deserve to be above him on the list.

He even threatened to quit music and step down from his CAS position if she and Harmonize were indeed wealthier than him.

Akothee responded on Instagram, telling politicians like Jaguar to refrain from “bragging with taxpayers’ money.”

She also blasted Jaguar for picking a fight with a woman, calling into question his manhood. Jaguar warned Akothee to stop her attacks or face the consequences.

Jaguar used the words made famous by notorious cult leader Pastor Paul Mackenzie and launched a direct attack.

“Unachokipigania hukijui, kitakuramba A**thee….,” he posted on Instagram.

Harmonize also weighed in, stating that if he were in Jaguar’s position, he would have already retired from music.

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