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Akothee’s wedding: Is it real or just another music video

Even the fish in the sea have probably heard about the impending nuptials of singer Akothee and her Swiss fiancé Omosh.

The event is billed to be an opulence affair filled with pomp and colour all thanks to Akothee’s reputation of being extravagant and wanting to do extraordinary things.

But it seems despite her being vocal about her coming wedding and even going the extra mile of buying a wedding gown – so she claims – there are more doubting Thomas’s than believers to her story.

You see for a woman who just turned 40 years she has taken the term speed dating to a whole new level.

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The two lovebirds met while Akothee was on vacation in Switzerland in July 2022 and got engaged three months later.

This was at a time when her name was being dragged into scandal for allegedly stealing Omosh from another woman.

But it is not until January this year that things started getting hot between Akothee and Omosh. The mother of five shared photos of herself and fiancé at her Migori mansion. She later shared another photo of foreigners whom she claimed were Omosh’s relatives.

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According to her they had come to visit her parents for bride price negotiations. The traditional wedding, which in Luo is referred to as nyombo, she said will take place in April.

So what exactly am I getting at, you might ask. Let me explain it to you. Akothee has always been vocal about his admiration and love to his father.

When she claimed that bridal negotiations went on and she did not post any photos of her father probably having a conversation with Omosh’s relative is something we all can’t ignore.

You all remember her sister Cebbie’s traditional wedding to city lawyer Steve Ogolla. All the relevant people were present according to the photos and videos we saw, her parents, siblings and even the bride and groom mingling with their guests.

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Interestingly Akothee did not attend her sisters traditional wedding, and she even went as far as saying that fans favour Cebbie when she was criticised for it.

We are now on the sixth day of April and we are still not sure if the bride price negotiations were finalised but all we know is that a Sh700,000 wedding gown had its own seat in business class from Switzerland to Kenya, ready for a white wedding.

A post she shared on Monday on her Instagram indicates that in six days her white wedding will take place, and I know I am not the only one who is waiting in baited breaths to see if she is really tying the knot or maybe it is another music video.

As a doubting Thomas waiting to be proven wrong or right, I wish her all the best in both endeavours.

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