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Amber Ray sends happy birthday wishes to her ‘ex-boyfriend’ Kennedy Rapudo

Amber Ray and Kennedy Radupo have treated their fans to more intrigues in their on-and-off relationship after the socialite wished the businessman a happy birthday in a heartfelt video captioned “Happy birthday baba Africanah.”

The video featured a montage of their videos together, set to Luther Vandross’ lyrics: “One look in your eyes and there I see just what you mean to me… Your love is all I’ll ever need.”

Included in the video was a snapshot from what appears to be a baby bump shoot with Radupo, sparking conversation as Amber had previously stated they had broken up.

Despite announcing their separation weeks ago, they seem committed to making things work for their family. Last week, the couple was spotted vacationing together ahead of their daughter’s birth, fuelling rumours that they may still be an item.

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Their relationship status has been the subject of speculation after a photo of them wearing matching outfits in a coastal area surfaced online.

Meanwhile, Radupo shared a video on his Instagram stories of himself driving through the bush in his Range Rover, presumably en route to a vacation destination. However, he did not reveal if he was alone or had company.

In a follow-up post, the wealthy businessman shared a video of Al Pacino from The Godfather, emphasizing a man’s responsibility to care for his family.

“You spend time with your family because a man who doesn’t spend time with his family can never be a real man.”

This has further convinced fans that the couple may still be together.

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Last month, the socialite and her fiancé stirred up breakup rumours on social media after Amber said she is prepared to embrace life as a single mother.

“A new day to start as a single mother of two. Done with love,” she wrote on her Instagram stories.

The declaration came weeks after the couple held an extravagant gender reveal party. Thereafter, they unfollowed each other on Instagram and removed photos of themselves together.

Rapudo also confirmed the breakup, hinting that dishonesty was the cause. Nonetheless, he reassured fans that he would support his child, insisting he is not a deadbeat dad.

“The baby is mine, and I’ll take care of it with or without a breakup. I’ve never shied away from parental duties,” he said.

This is not the first time the couple has parted ways. Last September, Amber said she had ended her relationship with Rapudo, citing “structural irreconcilable differences.”

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