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Andrew Kibe’s die-hard fans critique him for unveiling his beautiful family

Controversial vlogger and US-based content creator, Andrew Kibe, has given his followers a glimpse into his personal life upon returning to the country.

Well, well, well! Kibe, the proclaimed apostle of bachelorhood and advocate for a life untethered by family commitments, might be singing a different tune in his own life.

Is our rebel of commitment quietly switching teams?

He has shared a rare family photo featuring himself alongside his two children. They look happy and contented in what looks like a family day out.

The ‘Who Hurt You’ club chairman affectionately captioned the image, “With the fruit of my loins.”

Kibe, known for his unfiltered opinions and live sessions, recently organized an event in Kenya titled ‘Andrew Kibe’s Graduation Day’ to launch his YaFreeka App.

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The vlogger, who separated from his wife years ago, has been candid about his views on marriage.

In one of his live sessions, Kibe vehemently expressed his reluctance to consider marrying for a second time.

Si uliskia nikisema mimi sitaki bibi sioni haja ya kupata bibi, tufanye nini na yeye (Did I not hear you right, when you said, ‘I don’t want a wife; I don’t see the need for one, what will I do with her?’).”

The ‘Who Hurt You’ club chairman elaborated on his perspective, sharing his disillusionment with the institution of marriage.

“I will never, sioni haja, tufanye nini na yeye, what is it that I’m doing in my life right now that I need a wife for,” he remarked, indicating that the idea of a partner would interfere with his current lifestyle.

Responding to a fan who asked if he would consider taking her as his wife, Kibe bluntly said:

‘No!’ He then outlined five reasons why he firmly stands against the prospect of marriage in the future.

The unexpected family photo shared by Kibe has sparked a mixed reaction from his diehard fans, with some expressing anger for what they perceive as contradictory advice given by the vlogger in his controversial live sessions.

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Fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts:

Rodgers Otiso: Na alisema tuachane na wasichana.

Lory Iko Ehh Vanno: Mbona hatumwelewi tena….”Kijana msiowe”.

Monicah Nyagah: Whips kwa wale aliambia wasipate watoto na wakaamini.

Moureen Daisy: Huyu ndio wanaume ufuata advice yake.

Jacent Nyamao: Amejipanga but anatumislead .

Wanjikú Nyoro: Huyu ndiye alikuwa anaambia wanaume wasizae na yeye akona na watoto.

Antony Kipleting: Kibe anajaribu kusema “THINK AS YOU LIKE BUT BEHAVE LIKE OTHERS.”