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Anerlisa Muigai regrets ignoring red flags in past relationships

Anerlisa Muigai, the CEO of Nero and a popular social media influencer, recently took to Instagram to discuss the importance of paying attention to red flags in relationships.

She shared a conversation she had with a friend and emphasized that these signs are often visible in the first week, month, or even six months of a relationship.

Anerlisa said, “Truth is, RED FLAGS are always visible in the first week, month, and if you want to stretch it, 6 months. The problem is you think they will change, they hardly do and if they do, they only change to please you but trust, when they get comfortable, the Red Flags will start showing again.”

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Muigai urged her followers not to ignore red flags, especially the alarming ones, and to save themselves from wasting time in a doomed relationship. She also asked her fans to share their own experiences, and the responses revealed that red flags come in various forms.

Some fans mentioned partners who were always borrowing money or being mean to people in lower-ranking jobs. Others talked about partners who minimized accomplishments or had a victim mentality. Some even shared stories of partners who cheated and were dishonest about it.

One issue that is often overlooked but was brought up by a fan was a partner who wanted to split things 50/50. While some may not see anything wrong with this, others feel that a relationship should be a partnership where both partners share the financial burden equally.

Anerlisa’s post highlights the importance of paying attention to early red flags in relationships. Ignoring these warning signs can lead to heartbreak and wasted time.

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Anerlisa and Ben Pol began their affair in 2018, having met at a press conference in Nairobi. They dated secretly before going public with their affair.

The two would marry in 2020 in a private wedding ceremony attended by close family and friends in Tanzania.

The cracks in their marriage would soon started to appear with Anerlisa dropping Ben Pol’s surname even as both parties remained tight-lipped on what was going on. The singer would then file for divorce.

In a past interview, Ben Pol said he tried all he could to save the marriage but his efforts were not enough.

“We broke up in episodes before things got out of hand, and we finally split. What I can say is that I did everything I could for the marriage to work. I did my best but it wasn’t enough.” Said the singer who four days ago released his latest single dubbed ‘Enjoyment.”

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