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Angeline Wanjeri: Dating a married ‘mubaba’ left me lost and broken

Former Kiss TV presenter Angeline Wanjeri has narrated her experience of being involved with a married man.

In a YouTube interview with Lynn Ngugi, Wanjeri confessed that she did not leave the relationship even after discovering her partner’s marital status.

The soft-spoken Wanjeri candidly spoke about her romantic entanglement during her eighth year in the media industry, the societal backlash she faced notwithstanding.

“Around my 8th year in the media, I started dating a married man. I knew of his status a bit later, and even when I found out, I didn’t leave. I was in love,” Wanjeri recalled.

The presenter went on to disclose that she made the difficult decision to move out of her home and live with her married partner.

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“He told me his relationship was over and that he was going to get a divorce. As far as I knew, things were done.”

The consequences of her actions were dire, as her relationship with her father suffered greatly.

“I never left home in a good way, my dad and I never talked for two years,” she said.

In retrospect, she admits that at the time, her judgment was clouded by her own desires.

“People would talk behind my back and not on a good note. Plus, I was in love. I didn’t care about anybody or anything else. I was very selfish. That was my second biggest mistake,” she said.

When the relationship eventually ended Wanjeri was lost and broken. The toxic nature of the affair had taken a toll on her well-being, causing concern among those who knew her.

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“It was a very toxic relationship. People were concerned because I wasn’t looking the same. I used to drink a lot. I lost friends and credibility,” she admitted.

It is then that Wanjeri found herself reaching out to her dad.

“When the relationship ended, I called my dad. He only picked up my calls at the fourth ring,” she recounted.

Recognizing her mistakes, she offered a heartfelt apology and pleaded for his forgiveness. To her surprise, her dad responded with compassion and helped her get back on her feet.

“He asked me to pack my stuff and go to my sister’s place. He later helped me pay rent, which was around Sh20,000. That was the first time I was on my own,” Wanjeri said while reflecting on the turning point in her life.

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