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At first I thought King Alami was male, Noti Flow on how she met her lesbian ex

When Noti Flow made her relationship with King Alami public, it sent shockwaves through their fans and followers. Until then, the rapper had been known for dating men, making her newfound relationship with King Alami, a woman, quite surprising.

In a recent interview with Oga Obinna, Noti Flow revealed the interesting way they initially connected. She explained that King Alami had been a devoted fan who would often leave flattering comments on her photos.

Noti Flow assumed King Alami was a male admirer, or perhaps a teenage boy who was captivated by her beauty. However, after some investigation, she discovered that King Alami was, in fact, a girl, and her androgynous appearance had led to the initial confusion.

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“She was my fan. She would post very nice comments on my photos. Some days I would be going through rough times, I felt like she knew me and what I was going through. After a month or two I just clicked on her profile and found out it was a girl. I thought she was a guy because of her looks ad the way she has shaved her hair,” said Noti Flow.

Curiosity piqued, Noti Flow decided to reach out and connect with King Alami. The two began communicating, and as they spent more time together, Noti found herself drawn to Alami’s attractive qualities.

Their bond deepened, and Alami eventually confessed her feelings for Noti, surprising the rapper who initially thought it was just a bluff. In a gesture of dedication, Alami even got a tattoo of Noti’s name, further solidifying their connection.

“I found out she was a girl, I was impressed, so I decided to link up with her. I was like what’s the worst that could happen? I gave her my number and we started communicating. With time we met again and she confessed her feelings for me. I did not believe her, I thought she was bluffing. The next time she called me she had a tattoo of my name,” she disclosed.

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As time went by, King Alami faced personal challenges with her family, leading her to move in with Noti Flow temporarily. However, what was meant to be a short stay turned into a more permanent living arrangement, as Alami never left, and the two grew closer over time. Their initial plan of two weeks together extended to nearly two years. 

“At some point, she was having issues with her mum, she moved in with me and she never left. With time I fell in love with her. She was to stay with me for two weeks but she stuck around. Her family wanted to marry her off. We stayed together for almost two years,” she said.

Despite the all love King Alami showered on Noti Flow, theirs was a troubled relationship. Noti Flow admitted that King Alami’s insecurities and controlling behaviour became too much for her to handle, causing strain in their relationship, leading to their eventual breakup.

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